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The Paper Papier Story

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Who we are

We are a team of passionate and dedicated retail professionals committed to delivering to you an experience second to none

For almost four decades, Paper Papier's passion has been to provide exceptional products and attentive service to ensure that each shopping experience is enjoyable, memorable and second-to-none. It’s who we are, and it’s how we’ve earned our reputation as one of Ottawa’s leading retail businesses.

What you’ll find on this web site is a curated sample of our favourite writing instruments, fine writing papers and related accessories. We look forward to adding to our online selection and hope that you will enjoy watching us grow. 

Andrew tells the Paper Papier Story
It all started in the 80's...

In 1982, at the age of 25, Andrew Hay introduced Ottawa to the finest papers, writing instruments and design ideas from around the world. With an extensive history in fine art and an abundance of creative energy, he felt a passion for collecting and displaying together in one exciting retail environment the newest design trends which he imported from New York and London. These were heady times in the retail industry as the more is more attitude of the eighties drove customers to enthusiastically embrace all that glittered, all that was new.

Andrew Hay Paper Papier Owner

Andrew Hay

Gary Paper Papier

Gary Stern

Into the 90's

This was a period of challenge and change as the business environment shifted to adjust to new economic realities. The 1990s heralded a new age in business that required a fresh perspective and approach. In 1999 Gary Stern joined the business, bringing with him a boundless enthusiasm and expertise in customer service. With a fluency in multiple languages and a passion for communication, Gary infused the business with a fresh energy that ultimately led to the move to a large and spacious new location at 18 Clarence Street in 2003.

Gary Paper Papier

A New Millenium

With double the floor space, our new location afforded us the ability to expand our inventory selection and to increase our display areas in order to better showcase our product. Drawing inspiration from the grand retail environments of New York and London, we created a shopping experience here in Ottawa that continues to adjust organically to the demands of the customer and to the creative trends of the moment. As radical shifts take place in the retail industry, our response has been to respond to the needs of the customer with an eye to providing outstanding customer service along with a product mix that remains original and relevant.

The 2010's

Interpreting the popular trend of “concept retailing” proved to be a successful road map as Paper Papier moved through its third decade in business. Our floral division, Fleurissant, was launched in 2014 and has been enthusiastically received by our customers. Using fresh flowers imported twice weekly from Holland, Tamiko Yamane continues to create celebrated floral creations for local hotels, restaurants and individuals.

We are the largest retailer of fine writing instruments in Ottawa, we display exquisite papers from Japan, Italy, France and we are famous for our vast selection of greeting cards. 

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The Twenty Twenties Onward

As the global pandemic, COVID-19, casts its shadow across the planet, independent retail business are united in the challenge to remain relevant and to navigate the rapidly evolving demands of our valued customers. It is our intention to meet these demands while understanding that this is an opportunity to re-define our daily working patterns.

The relaunch of and the introduction of mark the start of a new digital era for Paper Papier and Fleurissant and we are excited to welcome you to this shopping format. Our brick and mortar location at 18 Clarence Street in Ottawa remains the hub of the business as we continue to open our doors each morning while approaching our fortieth anniversary.