Why We Love Lamy!

Lamy Pens

There is a lot to love about Lamy. From the modern design to the fine workmanship there is a pen for everyone. Their design is intended to be timeless and modern - perfect for any occasion, whether it’s school, work, university, or special occasions.

Lamy recognizes that everyone has unique handwriting - straight or sloped, large, plain or elaborate. The goal is to make using Lamy pens a special experience no matter your writing style.

About the Lamy Company

Josef Lamy was a sales representative for Parker Pens in Germany. In 1930 he decided to create his own pen by purchasing the Orthos pen manufacturer in Heidelberg.


Lamy Fountain Pens

While Lamy has rollerball, ballpoint and other pens we will focus on fountain pens. A fountain pen is the right choice whenever you want to put pen to paper in your most beautiful handwriting. Not only is it the design that we appreciate but also the high level of comfort when using a Lamy pen. Equipped with a high-quality stainless steel or gold nib, they get the very best out of your handwriting.

 Lamy Fountain Pen


Which Nib Size Should I Use?

One of the questions we get asked the most is Which nib size should I use?"

When it comes to nibs, we have a number of choices because everyone has a different style of handwriting. We have the perfect nib for your style.

Lamy nib size 


Medium Sized Nib

The medium sized nib is suitable for almost everyone. Therefore this size comes standard with our fountain pens. The reason it's such a great nib is its slightly rounded tip to help prevent scratching and to form a line that's neither to thick or too thin.


Lamy medium nib



Left-Handed? No Problem!

Made for all the left-handed writers in the world, this nib is similar to the medium nib except for a small, essential difference - it's slightly oblique which makes it ideal for left-handed writers.

 Lamy left-handed nib


Fine and Broad Nibs

When choosing the right nib width, you can take a look at your writing to determine if you write a smaller or larger script. If your writing is small, then a fine tip might be right for you. If your script is large then a broad nib will suit your better.


Lamy fine and broad nibs


Comprehensive Nib Guide

There are a lot more nib options with Lamy than we've included in this blog. Lamy has also created a video all about nibs!



5 Reasons to Love Writing with Lamy 

1. Ergonomically Designed

Lamy pens are designed ergonomically to help prevent fatigue when writing. 

2. Fine Motor Skills

Writing with a fountain pen can help develop coordination and concentration. The effort of guiding the fountain pen in the direction necessary for ink to flow evenly is a challenge to fine motor skills. This effort is where focus and the use of coordination is important.

3. Writing and Memory

Writing in general helps adults and children to better memorize what they are writing. 

4. Improved script

Better writing as it takes more time and effort to write with a fountain pen,

5. Wide-ranging pen varieties

Whether you have large or small script, are left-handed or have other preferences such as colour, Lamy has a pen for you!


 Do You Already Own a Lamy Pen?

 Did you know that your Lamy pen needs special care and attention in order to keep it working for you for many years to come? Lamy has prepared a special guide to show you how to get the most out of your Lamy pen.

Lamy Pen Care Guide

 Lamy pen care


At Paper Papier we are proud to carry a large selection of Lamy pens sure to suit your style or anyone you are shopping for. We invite you to take a look at what we have online in our Lamy collection.