So...You Want to Be a Writer? 7 Tips to Help You On Your Way

7 Tips to Help You Become a Writer

Many of our customers are writers already. Some perhaps write as part of their careers, others as a hobby. In fact, we consider all our customers to be writers at some level. After all, don’t you write emails, text and create content on social media?

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Perhaps somewhat tongue-in-cheek but any writing you do helps you on your way to becoming a writer. We also like to think that with all the beautiful journals and pens you kind find at Paper Papier, we inspire you on this journey.

The Benefits of Writing

But what if you truly do want to improve your writing skills or even become a writer? After all there are many benefits to being a better writer:

  • Improving your ability to articulate your ideas
  • Develop critical thinking skills

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 According to an article in the Cambridge University Press, researchers have shown that through writing assignments students in all disciplines can improve their critical thinking skills. 

Just take a look at Facebook and you’ll see that some people could really do with improving their writing and consequently their critical thinking skills.

7 Ways to Improve Your Writing

Here are 7 ways to improve your writing and become a better writer: 

1. Read, read, and read some more

Most good writers read a lot. Reading can inspire and elicit ideas for what to write.


2. Read a book a book about writing

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley. Here is a summary on YouTube:

3. Write today, tomorrow and every day

It may seem like a daunting task at first but the more you write, the easier it becomes both in terms of the number of words and the flow. Give yourself a daily goal of the number of words to write.

4. Take a writing course

Either online or in-person if possible...Coursera  offers many different writing courses at different levels. This is by no means an endorsement, we merely want to help point you in the right direction.

5. Blogging


A great place to practice your writing and make it public. You can choose what you want to write about and share it with your potential readers.

6. Feedback

One of the best way to improve is by getting feedback from readers. Remember not to only share with people who will give you positive feedback find someone who is willing to give you an honest review and critique your writing to help you improve. Click here to find a list of places to receive feedback.

7. Start Journaling


We’ve written a blog about keeping a diary or a journal which you can read here. Keeping a journal will help you to improve your writing over time. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, over time you will notice improvement in your thought pattern and flow.

Bonus # 8!

Finally, answer this question: Why do you want to become a writer? Is it so you can write that novel, to start a blog, improve your communication, or is it something else?

Whatever your reason, it’s time to start! 

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