How Does a Rollerball Pen Work? Your Burning Questions Answered!

How Does A Rollerball Pen Work? 

While we carry an array of pens here at Paper Papier, the focus is often on fountain pens. As you know, we offer an assortment of pens from rollerball pens, ballpoints, gel pens, and various other writing instruments. Today we will focus on and answer the top rollerball questions you, our customers ask.

What is a Rollerball Pen and How Does it Work?

Similar to a ballpoint, rollerball pens use a small revolving ball in the tip to dispense ink. The surface of the ball runs through the ink reservoir, coats it in ink which then appears on the page as your writing. 


Is a rollerball pen better than a ballpoint pen

The difference between a rollerball and a ballpoint is in the ink. The ink for the rollerball is thinner than that for a ballpoint. In fact, it’s similar to inks commonly used for fountain pens. The ink is liquid made with dyes dissolved in water. 


Are Rollerball Pens Better Than Ballpoints?

This question is more a matter of choice than one being superior over another.

Since the ink flows freely with a rollerball pen in comparison to a ballpoint, a rollerball requires less pressure to write. This can help in reducing the pain your  hand which may make writing for long periods of time far more comfortable. 

That being said, the liquid ink in a rollerball makes it more likely for the ink to bleed through paper. Therefore, it is recommended to use a higher quality writing paper. 

Another potentially pleasing quality of a rollerball pen is in the feedback while writing. Since the ink is thin, a rollerball pen allows you a greater tactile sense than other kinds of pens. Thus the choice of paper has an even greater impact on the writing experience. Smooth paper will belikely be more pleasing to use but it's also a personal choice.

If you would like to learn more about rollerball pens vs. ballpoint pens, we recommend you take a look at National Pen's website.


What is the Best Rollerball Pen?

At Paper Papier, we have many years of experience choosing and using all kinds of pens. We do our best to offer what we think our customers will truly enjoy using. From our recommendations to your personal choice, there is sure to be one that speaks to you!

The following are just a few of our top choices:

The Diplomat Aero Rollerball

How does a rollerball pen work


Lamy Safari Rollerball Pen

Is a rollerball better than a ballpoint


Graf Von Faber Castell Tamitio Rollerball

What is the best rollerball pen


Now that we've addressed a few of your most important ballpoint questions, we wish you a lovely day full of happy writing!