Have You Tried G Lalo de Vergé Paper?

One of our most popular papers is G. Lalo  Vergé de France. A lot of our website visitors end up on our website when they look for an excellent writing paper.


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The founder of G. Lalo de France paper, Georges Lalo, was a soldier in Paris shortly after World War I. He was offered a job with a printing company whose specialty was printing and stamping. His knowledge of paper and creativity was greatly appreciated and recognized by his company for whom he worked really hard.

This wasn’t enough for Georges who wanted his own business making paper. As part of his education, he took sketching and drawing classes at night. His ultimate goal to create luxury stationery right in the heart of Paris where he knew his customers would appreciate the beautiful stationery he envisioned.

In 1919, Georges Lalo purchased a small studio on rue Richer in Paris. He also purchased a second-hand stamping machine. His company, G Lalo, manufacture de papiers et lettres et d’enveloppes de luxe, was born. His goal was to become the stationery of choice in Paris and for royal courts across Europe. Even in the present day, G. Lalo paper has remained a small personal stationery maker.


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Why do we carry Vergé Laid Paper

Lalo Vergé paper was made by hand in huge vats. This caused a grid-like pattern of parallel translucent lines (vergeures) to form in the handmade paper as the sheets were laid out to dry (laid finish). These grids can be a very helpful way to keep your handwriting straight. They are also a part of the distinctive look of the G. Lalo  Vergé paper. 

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To this day, while modern methods are used to manufacture verge paper, it is still made in small batches which allows G. Lalo to keep the distinct look of the subtle lines.


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