Have You Sent a Mother's Day Card?

Mother’s Day at Paper Papier - Have You Written to Your Mother?

 handwritten mothers day note

Once again, we are being reminded not to visit family and to stick to our own household. For a lot of us, that means we can’t see our Mothers on Mother’s Day. So what can you do instead that is personal and meaningful? May we suggest that you consider sending a handwritten note or card. 

Why send one?

  • It’s a true expression of your feelings. When you receive one, you know the sender took the time to think about you and what they wanted to share with you, 
  • Since we use text messaging more than ever before, getting a hand-written note or card is becoming an unusual gift.
  • As we’ve come to expect texts, Instagram messages and Facebook posts as the norm for wishing someone a happy birthday, a handwritten note stands out.
  • Research shows writing letters can make you happier: According to Steve Toepher of Kent State University, the person writing the note also received benefits. He explains that as the author, you feel happier, more satisfaction and depressive symptoms can decrease. 
  • Writing a letter gives you a chance to really think about the person you are writing for. It’s not just a quick few texts. You actually sit there and have to think about what you’re writing.
  • Receiving a written letter is a wonderful surprise. Just think about the last time you received a hand-written note. Probably a long time ago!
If you live in the Ottawa area, we are open for curbside pickup. Take a look at our video on Instagram (below) where we highlight our Mother's Day cards. 

Otherwise, we invite you to browse online where you are certain to find gifts and flowers perfect for Mother's Day!