For Folks Who Love to Write...The Fountain Pen is the Tool of Choice

For Folks Who Love to Write...The Fountain Pen is the Tool of Choice

Hand-Written Notes...A Thing of the Past?


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As cell phones and other devices have taken over our lives, it seems that hand-written notes and letter are disappearing. The ritual of sitting down to write a letter is something few seem to do these days but taking the time to think about what we are writing - rather than sending a text - is so meaningful and a personal gesture that everyone appreciates.

Happily, the pen (fountain or otherwise) is now elevated to the status of an accessory and hand-written notes are in fact not disappearing. Putting pen to paper is increasing in popularity.

The Joy of the Fountain Pen


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Seasoned fountain pen users often collect fountain pens and can tell you of the joy of the sensation of the pen as it glides effortlessly over the paper using little pressure. 

Another cherished aspect of the fountain pen is in the choice of the size of nib - fine, medium or broad. Even the way the pen is held and the angle, all lead to a unique style of handwriting. In fact, it’s said that using a fountain pen even improves your handwriting! 

If you enjoy journaling or any sort of writing, you will appreciate the fact that the fountain pen requires less pressure which in turn means you’ll have less hand-cramping if you are doing a lot of writing. 


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Your choice of pen can really be a reflection of your personality - traditionally presidents in the United States have been issued a pen when they take office. However, President Trump decided he wanted something of his choosing and asked Sharpie to make him a pen. 

Personal choice is becoming more important and but fountain pens have always given the user many choices. From selecting your favouite pen-maker such as Diplomat Aero, Pineider, and Lamy to the nibs, bottled ink, and cartridges in a rainbow of colours, you can personalize as much as you desire. 

If you’re worried about getting ink on your hands, worry no more! Unlike the old images of messy ink everywhere, modern fountain pens no longer leak ink the way they used to. This makes fountain pens easier to carry around with you and more of a pleasure to use.


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If you’re interested in a fountain pen for yourself or as a gift, we encourage you to browse our online selection.